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The Gym @ Finger Lakes PT

We offer a wellness program that promotes independent exercise with the opportunity to meet with a physical therapist to progress your exercise program. 


  • $38 per month OR $35 cash/check discount

  • $45 for (10) visits OR $40 cash/check discount

  • $5 per day OR $4 cash/check discount

  • Unlimited access during business hours (M-Th 7:30am-6:00pm/Fri 8am-1pm: subject to change)

  • 30 minute visit for orientation upon starting the program and once per month for help with progression of your program.

  • If email or cell phone number is provided, we will send you courtesy reminders of Gym Dues due, but this is based on the good Samaritan policy.

  • We do not prorate monthly memberships. Your membership starts on signup date/first date paid, and is monthly from that date forward (IE: March 13-April 12).

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