Low Back Pain

Are you having low back pain? Back pain is one of the leading cases in Physical Therapy. Patient can expect manual techniques, strength training, and focus on overall flexibility. 

Rotator Cuff Injury

Decreased use of your arm can be detrimental to daily activities. Physical Therapy can increase movement, strength, joint stability, and endurance to improve that loss. Why continue life with shoulder pain? 

Neck Pain

Neck pain, headaches, pain between shoulders, numbness and tingling into arms and hands can all be addressed at Physical Therapy. With manual techniques from massage to stretching leading into appropriate strength training. All cases are individually addressed per patient needs.

Sports Injuries

Physical Therapy treatments and exercise can be developed to sport specific injuries. Working hand-eye coordination, agility, or timing with a swing of a bat, racquet, or golf club. Versatile routines that can continue your return to sport and possibly progressing your individual stats. 

General Strengthening and Conditioning

Physical Therapy can increased strength challenges of ever level. From folks that struggle turning over in bed or strain to stand up from a chair to those advanced athletes honing in a skill. Conditioning and endurance will also be incorporated in each session.


Physical Therapy is a very appropriate avenue to improving balance of all ages. Balance and proprioception can be a limiting factor in life keeping us from doing daily activities. Treatments would include challenging footing on various surfaces along with appropriate strength training for your needs. 


Physical Therapy is a beneficial way to help improve endurance and strength while maintaining a safe oxygen saturation level. With increasing your strength and endurance, this can lead to improving your health and overall quality of life. 

Joint Replacement

Joint replacement therapy is based off of research and specific protocols that are written to guide you through recovery. Physical Therapy is a great avenue to assist your specific needs through the replacement process both before and after surgery. 

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