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Professional detailed attention, treated as an individual with knowledge & great care to educate, strengthen & restore.


Perhaps the best thing that can be said about a business is that it should be a place where everybody knows your name and cares about you. Physical Lakes Physical Therapy in Freeville, NY is that place. It is truly a gem in our village. The staff works with you, listens to you, observes your movements, offers you exercises to do at home and demonstrates them for you. They are all remarkable and highly skilled professionals. I have seen the way they work with all different age groups and personalities. They know when to push and when to worry that you are not reaching the next phase in your recovery.  I began going there 4 years ago when I retired and wanted to lose weight and become more physically active. I went to this facility using it more like a gym for a year. Then a year ago I had emergency surgery which required that I get physical therapy after healing.  I have received so much encouragement, support, and current thinking about movement, types of exercise, and weight control. The atmosphere begins when you walk in and are greeted by the receptionist. She has the gift of talking with anyone and putting everyone at ease. This group of people deserves recognition. I have seen them offer solace to a bereaved widow, challenge an injured high school athlete, and appreciate elderly persons for their dedication and perseverance to improving their health.


This is (unfortunately) the second time I've had to seek help with a referral to Finger Lakes Physical Therapy group for a work related injury and I can't say enough GOOD things about them. From every aspect of my experience with their office, I am treated warmly and respectfully. Their receptionist is very friendly and helpful and all the therapists take their time to really focus on your individual treatment and needs. They ask lots of questions and truly want your input to help the sessions go smoothly and get the best results. They explain everything and go into helpful informative detail so people can continue to work at home to strengthen themselves and stay in good health.I got amazing results the first time they worked with me and have already seen a vast improvement in only 3 sessions regarding my latest injury.

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