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Finger Lakes Physical Therapy Invites You to Resolve Your Pain Issues in 2020

Welcome to 2020! A new decade, a refreshing beginning, and the dawn of an opportunity to tackle your New Year’s resolutions. While some goals may revolve around increasing your travel plans, reading more self-help books, or learning a new hobby, other goals may circle around more physical ambitions. Physical fitness and mobility goals are very achievable, as is your ability to tackle them with complete passion.

Achievement of your goals may be halted however, if pain interferes with your day-to-day activities, that is why access to professional pain care treatment within your community is important. For our neighbors in the Freeville and Ithaca areas, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy is ready to help alleviate your pain and help you kick off a new you in 2020!

Don’t Let Pain Get in The Way

Some of the more popular New Year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, getting in shape and eating better. While all these are attainable, the presence of pain may interfere with one’s ability to tackle these resolutions full force so managing your pain issues in 2020 is a step in moving towards New Year’s Resolution success.

Finger Lakes Physical Therapy treats a variety of conditions for our patients in Ithaca, Freeville

physical therapy clinic in Freeville and Ithaca NY

and Dryden including knee pain, neck pain, rotator cuff pain, joint pain and sports injuries.

Regardless of the location of your pain, the licensed physical therapists at Finger Lakes Physical Therapy will perform an assessment that includes your health history and recording any prior injuries or surgeries. From there, FLPT will address your range of motion, muscle strength, and functional mobility as it pertains to your pain. Once a plan of care is established, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy is equipped with a variety of modalities beginning with manual therapy techniques. They also determine if the underlying cause of the pain will be best treated with heat or cold.

Electrotherapy, traction and ultrasound are a few other interventions you can expect to see at FLPT, within their variety of treatment options. Targeting painful areas, as well as areas where pain may be radiating from is one of the key factors in eliminating the functional impairments. The celebration at the end of treatment is your ability to then tackle those New Year’s Resolutions and kick the year off on the right foot.

Finger Lakes Physical Therapy is Invested in Our Patients

Being a close-knit community, the residents in Ithaca and surrounding areas including Dryden, Cortland and Groton know that Finger Lakes Physical Therapy focuses on individualized pain care and management for our patients.

pain management clinic in Ithaca, Freeville, Dryden, Locke and Groton New York

We have established a close relationship with the members of the community and treat each patient like family. Treating the root cause of your pain is important to drive the healing process forward and improve health and functional mobility in the new year. When seeking rescue from acute or chronic painful conditions to improve your ability to progress towards your goals, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy with clinics in Freeville and Ithaca is the pain management clinic for locals and neighboring communities like Groton, Lansing, Locke, Dryden and the surrounding areas.

If you are feeling the woes of pain limiting your ability to kick off 2020 with a bang, contact one of our clinics today and we will be happy to get you started on the road to becoming pain free. You may contact the Ithaca physical therapy office at (607) 272-9937 or the Freeville office at (607) 844-3440.

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