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Finger Lakes Physical Therapy Now has Offices in Ithaca and Freeville, New York

Kristine Walker Owner, MS, PT and her team at Finger Lakes Physical Therapy (FLPT) are excited to announce the opening of their new physical therapy clinic in Ithaca, NY. The opening of the Ithaca clinic sees the culmination of a life-long goal of Kristi’s of opening her own physical therapy practice and what better place to do this, than where she earned her Master’s degree from Ithaca College in 1996.

The Ithaca physical therapy clinic joins their original physical therapy clinic in Freeville, NY, which also serves patients in Cortland, Dryden, Groton, Lansing and Locke NY allowing them to provide quality physical therapy services to their friends and neighbors throughout

physical therapy clinic in Ithaca and Freeville New York

Cortland and Tompkins counties. While originating in Freeville, NY, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy (FLPT) knows that Ithaca is the perfect place to plant our secondary roots. While being recognized as home to Ithaca College as well as Cornell University, the small-town feel of Ithaca allows us to connect with a community that is also home to many residents who thrive on an atmosphere of activities to attend throughout the year. The neighborhood of Ithaca and surrounding areas now have a trusted physical therapy office to call home for scheduling necessary treatments.

The new office expansion and growth places Finger Lakes Physical Therapy (FLPT) at the top of the list as a provider of physical therapy services in Ithaca, Freeville, Dryden and surrounding areas. With two offices providing skilled services to patients in the surrounding counties, FLPT has increased the radius of access to care for neighboring community members.

With over 50 years of combined experience, the Finger Lakes Physical Therapy team is able to treat acute and chronic conditions, as well as establish wellness programs for its patients. Whether related to pain, injury or general weakness, the clinic delivers evidence-based, individualized treatments.

Helping patients regain mobility and strength is one of the main purposes of the Ithaca physical therapy team. In addition, decreasing pain, increasing joint range of motion and improving a patient’s overall level of function are important. Treatable conditions at their physical therapy office include:

· Low Back Pain

· Rotator Cuff Injury

· Neck Pain

· Sports Injuries

· General Strengthening and Conditioning

· Balance


· Joint Replacement

Low Back Pain (LBP) is one of the more common diagnoses treated in a physical therapy office. The cause of LBP can be an acute injury or a chronic condition. Some causes of LBP include sciatica, arthritis, a sports injury or motor-vehicle accident. A variety of modalities are used to control or treat LBP including manual therapy, heat or ice, traction, ultrasound, E-stim and more.

Neck pain can be indicated by pain in the neck or shoulders, with numbness and tingling radiating into the arms and hands. Through the use of massage, E-stim, strength training and other modalities deemed appropriate, patients at the Ithaca physical therapy office can expect to receive services to address their pain and functional deficits.

Physical Therapy Office in Ithaca and Freeville, New York

The variety of sports injuries athletes are susceptible to is an endless number. Depending on the type of sport (contact vs. non-contact), the severity of an injury is variable. The Finger Lakes Physical Therapy team develops treatment plans according to sport specific injuries. With the goal of returning an athlete to sport participation, necessary skilled physical therapy interventions are provided.

As we age, our bodies are susceptible to muscle mass loss resulting in decreased strength. The physical therapy team at FLPT provides education and training in general strengthening and conditioning programs. This training is also carried over to young individuals who are looking to enhance their sporting skills or as a general program to improve overall fitness.

Maintaining balance throughout all stages of life is important. To be able to navigate through life and our communities, we must be able to adapt to our environment. Physical therapy services to improve balance deficits are available at the Ithaca physical therapy office. Activities to improve balance include moving through various footing challenges and correcting muscle imbalances.

Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disorder (COPD) can be debilitating and decrease one’s quality of life. With physical therapy services, aerobic exercise is used to improve endurance and circulation, helping one’s body better utilize oxygen. Physical therapy training for COPD also improves energy levels which offsets fatigue and improves activity tolerance.

Joint replacement requires recovery guided by a physical therapist to improve function, strength and control pain. Therapy before and after surgery may be indicated to decrease recovery time. The Ithaca physical therapy office is equipped with research-based specific protocols to guide each patient through their recovery.

With the opening of their new office in Ithaca, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy (FLPT) is ready to aid in meeting the need for quality physical therapy services and assisting patients in addressing their functional deficits. Their ability to treat a variety of conditions provides patients with a local physical therapy clinic able to aid in their recovery. With two physical therapy offices in Ithaca and Freeville, NY

it is easier to make an appointment at one of their offices. Contact Finger Lakes Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment at the office nearest you.

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