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Finger Lakes Physical Therapy Offers Comprehensive Pain Management Treatment for Active Lifestyles

You may be hesitant when thinking about embarking on some adventurous outdoor activities this winter because of the constant pain you are feeling. Whether you’d like to hike along the trails at

pain management clinic in Ithaca and Freeville New York

Taughannock Falls State Park, or embark on a skiing adventure at Greek Peak, pain management treatment from Finger Lakes Physical Therapy can get you off your couch and back outdoors.

Assessing for Pain Management Treatment

As winter in the Northeast falls upon us, so does the need for maintaining the health and integrity of our muscles and joints. Year round, and especially during the winter season, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy with clinics in Ithaca and Freeville is ready to personalize a comprehensive pain management plan to keep you going. Through the completion of a physical therapy assessment, a licensed physical therapist at FLPT can test for strength and muscle imbalances, core instability, joint laxity and overall cardiovascular fitness. A deficit in any of these categories can be causing you pain and potentially lead to injury through substitution and muscle guarding, or simply an overall unregulated level of homeostasis.

Common Winter Activity Injuries

While Ithaca and the surrounding Finger Lakes region are known for great winter outdoor activities, sometimes fun can lead to injury. Injuries can result from overall health status, activity level, lack of appropriate clothing, level of experience, and the activity of choice. Some common injuries are:

· Ankle, Foot and Knee Sprains

· Shoulder Injuries/ Dislocations

· Fractures Bones and Muscle Injuries

Knee Injuries can include a tear to the Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligaments when the foot is planted, and sudden twisting occurs. An injury to the shoulder could result in a rotator cuff tear after a fall or repetitive use. A common hand injury is called Skier’s Thumb that results in a skier falling while their thumb remains in the wrist strap, causing a ligament tear at thumb level this is also a common cause for finger factures.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer pain from an injury, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy can create a pain management treatment plan to get you back in your daily routine as quickly as possible.

Physical Therapy Interventions

While not all pain is preventable, a pain management program will help to strengthen and protect the body from being susceptible to winter activity mishaps and allow you to get out and enjoy yourself. Finger Lakes Physical Therapy clinic will create a comprehensive and unique training program that will include warm up exercises to prepare the body for physical activity, along with strength training.

Pain management techniques can include:

· Stretching

· Therapeutic Exercises

· Use of Heat and Cold Therapy

· Breathing and Relaxation Techniques

· Home Use of TENS Unit

pain management treatment near me in Ithaca, Freeville, Dryden, Cortland and Locke NY

Teaching in safe stretching of specific muscle or tendon groups ensures a decrease in possible injury. You must be trained on the correct position in which to stretch a muscle as well as what a safe amount of tension feels like. A stretch also must be held for a certain amount of time for the muscle spindles to respond to the stretch to improve the joints range of motion. Likewise, stretching of certain joints may not be warranted by the physical therapist if there is hypermobility of the joint. In this case, strengthening is indicated.

Strength training as part of pain management and physical therapy treatment must be carefully planned to avoid injury and to be beneficial. Some exercises require movement simply against gravity while others call for more resistive training. Your Finger Lakes Physical Therapy clinician will be able to perform a manual muscle test of your major muscle groups to determine the need for strength training. This will increase the stability around major joints like the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles.

While cold therapy reduces inflammation and heat therapist increases blood flow, your physical therapist will determine whether either are appropriate after their assessment. Within your pain management program, you may have a need for one or the other to manage discomfort associated with injury whether acute or chronic. The goal is to eliminate any uneasiness so that enjoying the winter activities in Ithaca and the surrounding cities of Freeville, Dryden and Locke is enjoyable and limitless.

Contact Us Today

Our team at Finger Lakes Physical Therapy is ready to help our visitors and residents at our Clinics with pain management in Ithaca, Freeville, Groton, Lansing, Dryden, Locke and surrounding areas. Contact us at (607) 272-9937 to schedule your appointment at one of our neighborhood clinics today.

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