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Some Simple Stress Relievers to Do During Self Isolation

While the doors of Finger Lakes Physical Therapy are currently closed due to the COVID -19 pandemic, that doesn’t mean we aren’t still here to help. We do so much more than offer pain management in Ithaca, Freeville, and Dryden, NY. We are a family-based clinic that specializes in putting the “care” back in healthcare.

We know how difficult the transition has been these last several weeks, especially for our families near our physical therapy offices in Ithaca and Freeville. That's why we decided to dedicate this blog post to some simple tips for relieving the stress of self-isolation, keeping your spirits up, and staying healthy.

Create a New Routine

Are you starting to feel directionless? That’s completely normal! Chances are you’ve had to throw your daily routine out the window to adjust under the circumstances. Brainstorm a new daily routine that includes space to work on personal and professional projects, quality time with family, and Zoom check-ins with friends.

stress relief in Ithaca and Freeville New York

While it can be tempting to shuffle around the house in PJs all day, push yourself to wake up at a consistent time, shower, get dressed, and seize the day! If you’re working from home, create a dedicated workspace, and stick to your work schedule. Working around the clock could lead to serious burnout. Once your workday is done, close the screen, and walk away.

Get Moving

Just because the gyms or outdoor workout parks may be closed, doesn’t mean you still can’t break a sweat. There are tons of exercise apps and videos online dedicated to every step of the fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate level athlete, you can find a program to suit your needs from the comfort of your very own home.

For some clients, this is the perfect time to try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try yoga or Zumba but haven’t had the time. Now is your chance to experiment and see what fitness routines work for you.

It doesn’t take much to stay fit. According to the Mayo Clinic, adults should aim for 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Start by adding in some simple stretches to increase flexibility and range of motion. Lansing and Groton have some of the nation’s best walking and hiking routes. On a warm day, you can get out of the house and explore your neighborhood with a brisk 30-minute walk or jog.


One of the bright sides of sheltering in place is that you finally have the time to do the much-needed house cleaning and re-organizing that you’ve probably been putting off. Before you dive into a list of Pinterest DIY projects or Marie Kondo your attic, make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid any minor or serious injuries.

Brush up on proper lifting techniques. For example, when moving heavy items, straighten your back, bend your knees, and lift with your legs, to avoid lower back injuries. Whenever possible, push heavy objects instead of lifting them to lower the risk of over-exertion.

Dress for success by wearing proper footwear like boots or sneakers with a rugged outsole. Loose clothing can get caught on door frames and furniture, so swap them out for fitted clothes with comfortable, breathable fabrics.

There’s no need to rush the process. Know your limits and give yourself short breaks. Working non-stop for too long can cause straining, which can lead to muscle fatigue and serious injuries.

Take it one day at a time

If you’re feeling frustrated or stressed while self-isolating, you’re not alone. Finding ways to de-stress like staying active and keeping busy can help you nurture your physical and emotional well being. Remember, you can still socially distance and stay in touch with the ones you love; it just takes a little bit of creativity and a strong wifi connection.

Maintain a sense of structure during these uncertain times but also allows yourself some time to goof off. If you are going to take on a big project in the house, break it down into bite-sized pieces and take the necessary precautions to avoid injuries. Stay healthy, and we’ll see you soon!

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